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Ceramica JR.

About us

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In 1983 Ceramica JR was founded with the desire to give our clients different options to build and decorate their homes. Our goal to create every home unique and special is by using our hand made terracota pavers and hand painted tiles. This gives you the opportunity to bring home one of the oldest building materials with a modern twist.

We are proud to be the only tile factory in the Tecate BC area that uses ceramic kilns and natural gas to fire our products. This process allows us to obtain the highest temperatures possible and minimize pollution, resulting in the best quality pavers and tiles with a greater wear resistance and the brightest colors.

Specializing in "Custom Orders" Ceramica JR offers the distinct feel of antique materials blended with modern technology. This allows us to offer the best terracota hand made pavers and glazed decorative tiles that last forever.